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Takasan is a fast-casual eatery serving comforting Japanese "donburi" rice bowls with a contemporary flair. Our composed bowls are handcrafted to order from quality ingredients at an affordable price. We invite our guests to dine in at our zen-industrial community table in DTLA or carry out and carry on with their days on a full stomach.

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Donburi is a Japanese comfort food dish that begins with a deep bowl of steamed rice. This rice is topped with a variety of ingredients in sauce depending on region and season. Across Japan, there are dozens of variations on this quintessential meal.

At Takasan, we celebrate the simplicity of donburi, Japanese rice bowls. Our menu is focused on quality ingredients, affordable prices, and belly-filling meals. Each bowl is handcrafted to order from rice and toppings made fresh from scratch.


There is no need to stress over choices. Simply choose your base (white rice, brown rice, or veggies), select a composed bowl. Enjoy the flavors of Japanese tradition translated for life in DTLA.

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